Monebo Products: ECG Analysis Algorighms

Monebo Products: ECG Analysis Algorithms

Monebo provides unique ECG analysis algorithms products and services that enhance the quality and efficiency of cardiac care. Our deep expertise in signal processing has led to the development of products that accurately, quickly, and efficiently process and interpret the ECG signal, and provide health care professionals with powerful information on which to base their clinical decisions.

Monebo Kinetic ECG Analysis Algorithm Benefits

Monebo provides Family of Kinetic™ ECG algorithms that is so versatile that it can run on a variety of platforms, from PCs or server devices in hospitals or call centers to small ambulatory devices worn by patients using microcontrollers or DSPs. In order not to lose efficiency in relation to the power of the device, Monebo uses an intelligent optimization system – a genetic algorithm (GA). GA is based on the principle of natural selection and repeatedly changes the population of individual solutions by choosing the best, thanks to which the population “evolves” to the optimal and best solution. Monebo has identified several hundred configuration variables to determine the optimal set of parameters for specific data acquisition devices and target arrhythmias. These parameters allow analyzers to adapt to the characteristics of the input signal and ultimately affect performance. The core of the algorithm receives a filtered ECG signal and studies it thanks to complex mathematical calculations. The main outputs are lists of detected hits and event rhythms. These lists are used to further form the original algorithm annotation.

By using Kinetic™ you will get the following benefits:

Benefits for system

  • High accuracy and efficient code
  • Minimal battery usage


Analysis benefits

  • Processing and analysis of ECG in real time or saved recordings
  • Real-time ECG processing with no warm-up period
  • Pattern matching procedures or manual intervention
  • Detection, identification, and interpretation of ECG rhythms up to sixteen leads of the received data
  • Identification of QRS by its internal properties, which remain unchanged regardless of changes in wave morphology and rhythm patterns (Kinetic™ ECG Algorithm is based on a new QRS complex detection method)
  • Use of intelligent systems for automatic optimization of variables, which provides comprehensive and thorough optimization
  • Customizable algorithm parameters for optimal identification of ECG waves


Algorithm benefits

  • Classification of heart contractions
  • Measurement of complex PQRST intervals (RR, PR, QT and QTcF, QTcB)
  • Changes in T-wave morphology
  • Detection of arrhythmia: Ventricular fibrillation and Atrial fibrillation, Sinus bradycardia, Sinus tachycardia, supraventricular tachycardia, ventricular tachycardia
  • Rhythms: Normal sinus rhythm, idioventricular rhythm, nodal rhythm
  • Pause
  • AV blocks: 1st degree AV block, 2nd degree AV block, 3rd degree AV block and complete AV block
  • Bundle branch block
  • Premature atrial complexes
  • Premature ventricular contractions
  • Annotation file for further offline rhythm analysis


    The ECG monitoring and analysis products we offer are below:

    Automatic, precise analysis - from the first beat

    Kinetic™ Rhythms ECG Algorithm

    Kinetic™ Intervals ECG Algorithm

    Kinetic™ AF ECG Algorithm

    Kinetic™ HRV ECG Algorithm

    Kinetic™ QRS ECG Algorithm

    The Kinetic™ Rhythms ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide interpretation of up to sixteen distinct rhythms.

    The Kinetic™ Rhythms ECG Analysis Algorithm

    The Kinetic™ Intervals ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide precise interval measurement between any two fiducial points on the ECG waveform. 

    The Kinetic™ AF ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide identification of Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter.

    The Kinetic™ AF ECG Algorithm

    The Kinetic™ HRV ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide information on Heart Rate Variability (HRV).

    The Kinetic™ HRV ECG Algorithm

    The Kinetic™ QRS ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide precise identification of the QRS complex and provide RR interval measurements. 

    The Kinetic™ QRS ECG Algorithm