Austin, TX, April 23, 2005

Monebo Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has secured an initial private placement from a European Investment Group, assisted by Houston-based Vesalius Ventures, Inc. This investment will accelerate the product and business development of their advanced cardiac monitoring and analysis platform.

“We are very pleased that this influential group in Europe has invested in Monebo”, stated Dale Misczynski, CEO of Monebo, “There is a great deal of excitement in the area of remote ambulatory cardiac monitoring, and we are currently performing trials of our device with a major cardiac center in Europe, with promising early results.  Our system will assist the physician by automatically identifying significant cardiac problems like arrhythmias in real-time, while allowing the patient total mobility.”

“Monebo Technologies provides very promising and groundbreaking technology that will significantly impact remote cardiac monitoring, such as in a home setting.”, said Dr. Hans Stromeyer, M.D., Principal and Chief Technology Officer at Vesalius Ventures, Inc. “Information derived from this system will provide valuable insight into cardiac conditions that are often difficult to diagnose due to their periodic or transient nature.”

Monebo is developing a highly accurate heart monitoring system that can be used anytime, anywhere, consisting of a simple chest strap that transmits wirelessly to a cell phone or home computer.  Monebo’s proprietary digital signal processing algorithms, highly developed sensor technology, and wireless communication capabilities provide real-time monitoring information, with increased patient mobility.

Vesalius Ventures, Inc. is a Venture Capital Business Accelerator that identifies emerging business opportunities throughout the field of telemedicine, medical informatics and technology.  It arranges the initial seed-stage financing and provides management talent to companies in the rapidly growing field of telemedicine. The highly experienced management team members are globally recognized experts in telemedicine and business. The team provides critical assessments of markets, technology and services, initial seed and follow-on financing, market introduction and strong operational experience to portfolio companies.