Monebo Technologies Issued Key Patent for 
the Real Time Analysis of Cardiac Signals

Time domain based analysis opens new approaches to real time cardiac signal analysis

Austin, TX, November 12, 2004: Monebo Technologies, Inc. today announced that it has been issued a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its innovative approach to real time beat by beat cardiac monitoring. Monebo’s patent 6,656,125, “System and process for analyzing a medical condition of a user,” breaks new ground in the analysis and understanding of cardiac conditions.

The approach is unique because it provides real time analysis in the time domain, whereas previous approaches utilized the frequency domain, specifically Fourier transforms, for analysis. Monebo’s approach should lead to greater accuracy, and significantly richer analytical information.

“The unique approach utilizes dense code construction, leading to increased sophistication of analysis, with smaller processors,” explained Dale Misczynski, President and CEO. “This means we can anticipate more significant advances in ‘on patient’ monitoring and analysis than is practical with current methods.”

“Monebo is a development stage company and issuance of this patent strengthens our legitimacy in the eyes of the investment community. Additionally, we are on track to obtain FDA clearance which will allow our strategic partners to embed the technology in their devices,” stated Misczynski. “We currently have partners identified, and projects underway in home health care and ambulatory monitoring”.