AUSTIN, Texas August 24, 2004

The Austin Technology Incubator will provide strategic business consulting services to Monebo Technologies to help it target the home health-care market with a next-generation mobile/wireless cardiac monitoring system.

Monebo, an early stage technology company, has developed a leading-edge approach to real-time cardiac monitoring. The Monebo technology opens new windows into the identification and automatic alarming of many types of cardiac abnormalities including arrhythmias, changes in ST elevation, and other transient occurrences. The breakthrough in Monebo’s patented approach is that the analysis is done on a beat-to-beat basis without signal averaging. Monebo is targeting various segments of the $51 billion (2003) home health-care market with its technology.

“We were impressed with the company’s understanding of their target market within home health care, the extraordinary intellectual property in the company, and the capability of its management team,\” said Erin Defosse, director of ATI’s Information Technology and Wireless Division. “We are working closely with Monebo on a milestone-driven basis to help it become the leader in the home health-care market. The company will be able to leverage our expertise and our network partners in the wireless, software, hardware and life sciences industries.”

ATI, which has a rigorous and competitive admission process, will provide strategic counsel, operational guidance- and marketing and financing support to Monebo. ATI will also provide Monebo with partnerships and access into ATI’s “Go Global on Day One” network of leaders, investors, and professional service providers.

“Being accepted into the Austin Technology Incubator is a major step in the life of our company,” said Dale Misczynski, Monebo’s president and CEO. “The networking capability, mentoring expertise available and access to potential investors is already having a significant impact on our company.”

About the Austin Technology Incubator

The Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) is a nonprofit organization that harnesses local business, government and academic resources to provide strategic counsel, operational guidance, and infrastructure support to its member companies to help them transition from early stage ventures to successful technology businesses. ATI enables its members to successfully compete in the global marketplace by linking them with ATI’s “Go Global on Day One” worldwide network of industry leaders, experts from academia and professional service providers. ATI companies have generated more than $1.5 billion in revenue and created more than 3,000 jobs. The ATI is a key program of the IC² Institute at The University of Texas at Austin. For more information, please visit