Kinetic™ Rhythms ECG Algorithm

Rhythms ECG Algorithm

The Kinetic™ Rhythms ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide interpretation of up to sixteen distinct rhythms. It can be utilized in a variety of hardware platforms and applications due to its unique design and small footprint.

Kinetic™ Rhythms ECG is specifically configured to provide precise interpretation of ECGs irrespective of the source of the data – whether taken at the bedside or in an ambulatory setting. The analysis engine is able to discern true ECG from periodic and aperiodic noise, leading to more accurate results -reducing false positives and improving operator efficiency.

The following table contains the test results of the Kinetic™ ECG Algorithm as compared to a gold standard. The database contains 288 ambulatory event monitor records with a duration of 72 seconds that were sent trans-telephonically and then recorded. The database has an equal dispersion of rhythms, and was interpreted by cardiologists.

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