Kinetic™ QRS ECG Algorithm

QRS ECG Algorithm

The Kinetic™ QRS ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide precise identification of the QRS complex and provide RR interval measurements. Any device that requires HR, RR variability, triggers off of the R peak, or uses any component of the QRS complex can take advantage of the precision and accuracy of Kinetic™ QRS ECG.

In any algorithm, QRS detection is the most difficult and most important task. Kinetic™ QRS excels at identifying the QRS complex based on its ability to recognize its intrinsic properties. It does not matter if the amplitude is low or high, if it is lower or higher than the following T wave, or if there is noise present, Kinetic™ QRS correctly identifies it.

Below are the results of the Kinetic™ QRS ECG Algorithm when tested against the AHA and MIT databases. This data was used in Monebo’s FDA 510K submission.

Summary Results of AHA and MIT Testing

Summary Results of AHA and MIT Testing

AHA –         The American Heart Association Database for Evaluation of Ventricular Arrhythmia Detectors
MIT-BIH – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology-Beth Israel Arrhythmia Database
NST –         The Noise Stress Database
Se –            Sensitivity: True Positive/(True Positive + False Negative)
+P –            Positive Predictivity: True Positive/(True Positive + False Positive)
VEB –         Ventricular Ectopic Beat

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