Kinetic™ Intervals
ECG Algorithm

Intervals ECG Algorithm

The Kinetic™ Intervals ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide precise interval measurement between any two fiducial points on the ECG waveform. Using a proprietary methodology, the measurements are extremely reliable and valid, allowing clinicians to utilize data they can trust.

The core of the software utilizes the Kinetic™ ECG algorithm, but a special system was designed to assure that each fiducial point identified, is in fact, a valid point. Noise and artifacts often corrupt the signal, making automated analysis less reliable than is required for the exacting standards of cardiac safety trials. Establishing the validity of the points and subsequent measurements enables the automatic processing of records with the necessary precision.

Monebo has performed clinical studies on over 100,000 ECGs from Pharmaceutical Cardiac Safety Trials. The results have shown consistent correlation with manual or semi-automated techniques. This enables studies to be performed in hours, rather than weeks or months, with the precision expected in these exacting trials.

Automatic, precise analysis - from the first beat

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