Kinetic™ HRV ECG Algorithm

HRV ECG Algorithm

The Kinetic™ HRV ECG Algorithm is designed to be embedded into a device or software suite to provide information on Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Precise identification of the R peak is critical in the measurement of HRV, and Kinetic HRV excels at discerning the waveform – even in a noisy environment.

HRV is the oscillation in the interval between consecutive heartbeats, and is controlled by the Autonomous Nervous System (ANS). The ANS is comprised of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems. The Sympathetic system promotes a ‘fight or flight’ response, while the Parasympathetic promotes ‘rest and digest.’ Together, these two systems control the heart rate, but also the distance between any two beats. When the ANS system is functioning properly, the distance between beats is always changing, or is highly variable. When variability diminishes, it is indicative of system distress, and may be due to a variety of causes.

HRV measurement and analysis involves two critical elements – the ability to accurately discern the R wave in noisy environments, and using the correct analysis method for a given application. Monebo excels at both of these critical tasks. The platform technology utilized in the Kinetic algorithm provides accurate beat-to-beat identification of the R wave. Several of the analysis methods require the identification of a very high percentage of beats in a given time period in order to assure valid results. Kinetic™ HRV ECG delivers on that requirement.

HRV may be analyzed using time domain, frequency domain, and non-linear methods, and each of these methods contain multiple variables. Monebo believes that each of these methods and variables contain valuable information and uses them individually or in combination, depending on the product application.

Monebo is ready to help you with accurate R peak identification and RR measurements, or will work with you to identify the analytical methods that may be most important for your product application.

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