ECG Analysis Software


Monebo designs, develops and licenses complex ECG monitoring algorithms to medical device developers for use in a variety of monitoring applications. Working closely with our customers, we develop and produce algorithms specific to their applications and requirements. Monebo builds successful customer relationships by providing advanced technology, while ensuring easy integration with their systems and applications.

The Kinetic™ Family of ECG Algorithms is scalable for use in devices utilizing small microcontrollers or DSP’s, all the way up to PC or server-based platforms. Wherever ECG analysis is needed, Monebo has a solution. Some specific applications are listed below, but please contact us to see if our technology could help you and your customers with increased accuracy, added functionality, more efficient workflow, or to accelerate your product development.

ECG Monitoring Applications

Embedded Applications

Embedded Applications

  • Ambulatory Cardiac Event Recorders
  • Ambulatory Long-term monitoring devices
  • Vital signs monitoring equipment
  • Bedside monitors
  • Personal cardiac safety devices
  • Health and wellness devices
  • Fitness equipment
  • Any device that utilizes any portion of the ECG waveform



PC/Server Applications

PC/Server Applications

  • Cardiac call centers that receive Event Recorder data
  • Automated analysis of ECG files from a specific device
  • Equipment providers that require post-processing of ECG records
  • Researchers




Automatic, precise analysis - from the first beat

Kinetic™ Rhythms ECG Algorithm

Kinetic™ Intervals ECG Algorithm

Kinetic™ AF ECG Algorithm

Kinetic™ HRV ECG Algorithm

Kinetic™ QRS ECG Algorithm