Monebo’s Customers come from all around the world. Our multinational presence extends to Finland, Korea, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. In the United States, our Customers range from New York to California. There are Customers in Minnesota, Salt Lake City, and Long Island. In California, our Customers range from San Diego, to San Jose, to Oakland, to Santa Clara and Mountain View. Local Customers are as close as the Dallas area and Houston.

These Customers are large multinational companies to smaller concerns. Some are Original Equipment Manufacturers who embed our technology in their devices, others are service providers who utilize our technology to improve the efficiency in their workflow. We are also involved with many types of wearables, from patches to watches. Monebo’s agile ability to adapt our technology to various scenarios allows our Customers the versatility of usage from navigating catheters, to performing ablations, to mobile cardiac telemetry, or to directly monitor patient’s hearts.

If it involves precise and reliable monitoring of cardiac activity, we are there. Since 2002 we have been leading the way in monitoring, measuring, and interpreting the electrical signals of the heart.

Monebo is focused on providing solutions to allow  clinicians and patients to manage and reduce problems associated with cardiac disease, and has developed technology for cardiac monitoring, home care, and pharmaceutical cardiac safety trials. Monebo’s proprietary digital signal processing algorithms, highly developed sensor technology, and wireless communication capabilities provide medical device developers and original equipment manufacturers accurate real-time monitoring information, with increased patient mobility.

We strive to deliver high quality products and services that meet the needs of our customers today, and to be on the cutting edge of technology development for tomorrow.




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